Success Stories

A combination of covid lockdowns and an achilles injury was not a good combination for my physical or mental health last year, however since joining The Set in October 2020, it’s been a full 180. 
It’s where I found motivation again and continued to find it. My prior training experience consisted of solo gym sessions that had no structure or consistency that I was clearly not making any progress with. The Set fixed these issues for me instantly. Under Tammy’s guidance, my technique and strength of all my lifts consistently improve. Outside of the gym, Tammy has also helped me improve my diet to achieve my weight goals. Last month, I competed in a jiu jitsu competition at 76kg, which is 13kg less than when I started 8 months ago. What I find crazy is that I’m a lot stronger now despite being lighter! What I most enjoy about training here is seeing the progression I’ve made and all the support I’ve received.
For someone whose thinking about joining The Set, I would strongly recommend it. Regardless of your goals, fitness or strength levels, the workouts are always modified to be challenging for everyone, however they are always enjoyable.
- Alex

When someone asks you "why did you join The Set?" they always expect an answer related to weight loss or their journey to a healthier diet. But for me that was not the case. I joined The Set because i needed a "restart" in life. I needed motivation and the will to fight to be better mentally. Each class teaches you a variety of exercises to activate the different muscle groups, but for me it taught me how to teach my brain to view each challenge with determination, rather than seeing it as a struggle. The Set changed my mental health. Being part of this unique, small family, it gives you the strength to get out of bed every morning even though you want that extra 5 minute snooze. The weightloss which came afterwards was simply a bonus to this experience. They helped change the way I think, feel and see myself when I look in a mirror. If you want to press that restart button and just start fresh on a clean slate, then come and join us. The only thing you will regret is not starting this journey sooner!
- Divya
"I joined The Set following surgery I had mid this year. Joining The Set I was only intending to do their May 4 week Challenge, but after I finished I already noticed so many changes within myself physically and mentally.I did MMA prior to joining The Set. So far I have already achieved more passion and dedication to my own health. Not only does The Set make every class enjoyable, challenging and fun, but I learn and get something out of every class. I’m always open to learning new things, so The Set really is a great gym for that!Besides being able to lift weights and beat personal records, Tammy and every other person part of the team are super friendly, motivating and passionate about what they do. Personally, that really encourages me and inspires me to do my upmost best day by day.To anyone that needs a reset or kickstart to their fitness journey, The Set is the perfect environment to learn new skills, friends and experiences. Not only does The Set promote some great challenges annually, but Tammy is a great coach. Every class really does feel like you’re getting a PT session at half the price of mainstream gyms!"
- Breana Quinn-Schofiel